Thursday, April 26, 2012

HAWMC, Day 26

Health tagline and a perfect world, because I feel like it.

My tagline would be: I make myself laugh so hard.

For my blog, maybe: Pain, acknowledging it and moving forward.

For migraines: Everybody hurts, sometimes. You, you're going to hurt all the time! Muahahahaha!

And then, there's a spare prompt I wanted to write about: In a perfect world. Write about one thing you wish you could change. It can be in your own life or the world at large.

I wish I could make the world a fair place. No one should starve while someone else has leftovers.

I wish I could eliminate pain, not just my own, but everyone's.

I wish we all had more empathy for each other. Marginalized members of society deserve the same respect as we all want. There are too many hate crimes, too many abused children and too much violence in this world.


SavvyChristine said...

Sigh, empathy -- yes. What a wonderful wish.

Also, are you reading The Hunger Games and is that sparking the starving/leftovers comment? Or have you read it already, you tricky woman?

Abby said...

The evil "muahahaha" laugh is perfect. Seriously.

I also agree with all your other perfect world scenarios. Thanks for your blog and sharing your experiences.

steph said...

C, darling,

I haven't read the hunger games, mostly because I know ahead of time that parts of it will make me sob like a baby, and that's a for-sure migraine trigger, haha. No, the hunger and leftovers wish is me feeling bad for myself for having trouble lining up food assistance in our new county. :( It could be worse, we've got back-up beans and rice for weeks, but it's still depressing.

And Abby, thanks for your thanks! Little comments of commiseration are such a pick-me-up on a bad day.