Tuesday, May 24, 2016

My Uterus Had a Photo Shoot and All I Got Was This Mirena

I had a hysteroscopy, d&c, polypectomy and mirena insertion. The worst part for me was the anesthesia.

My periods have been bananas so I got scoped to see what was what. They found a load of polyps, which they removed and sent off for testing, I've got two weeks for those results. They also put in a mirena, since it's my best bet for controlling my bananas periods with my current medical options. (I'd much rather see a naturopath and try to deal with whatever the underlying issue is that is triggering my uterus's jacked up response, but medicare dgaf what I want, so a mirena it is.)

The staff was awesome, they were friendly and gentle with me, and the superstar post op nurse looked after me for five hours when I had a bad reaction to the anesthesia. I couldn't wake up, I was dry heaving, they finally gave me benadryl and some kind of speedy something to get my metabolism going and that seemed to do the trick.

It's been five days and I finally feel up to doing some chores around the house, albeit slowly. I had some cramps yesterday, but mostly I've just been very, very tired.

I'm continuing the bc pills for a few more months, until the mirena is settled and hopefully doing its thing.

My migraines aren't a fan of all this progesterone, I've got a constant low level thrum in my head and my good days are now what my medium days were a few months ago, I'm just happy to be able to go outside and wash the dishes in the same day. But it will be worth it if the mirena keeps my periods in check.