Saturday, April 14, 2012

HAWMC, Day 14

My Dream Day. Describe your ideal day. How would you spend your time? Who would you spend it with? Have you had this day? If not – how could you make it happen?

My ideal day would be spent entirely out of doors, maybe a barbeque with my entire extended family and all of my friends on the beach. I'd be well enough to roughhouse with my cousins, run around and play tag like we're kids again. I'd swim, sunbathe, dance and play all day. I don't need fancy food or an exotic trip for a perfect day, the freedom to be with the people I love would be enough.

It's not something I can have, however. So, I settle for impromptu beach visits, dinners with a few people at a time, communicating via email and text with those few that are willing and lurking all over the people I miss on facebook. I fill my time with plenty of happiness, so my lack of access to my ideal day isn't too sad. I have plenty of good-enough days to keep me smiling.