Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lately and Michele Bachmann

Did I mention that my bike was stolen? People suck.

The weather cooled off a little this week and I've been wanting to celebrate by trying not to fall off a bike again, but since we have no money, we can't afford to get me another one. My boyfriend is going to try to cobble one together, he's got some junk parts and an old frame he thinks he can use, but I really wish I could get a bike that fit me. Even my last one, I had to lean forward too far and it made my neck and shoulders cramp up. Not only did I feel every bump through my butt, but so much of my weight was on my hands, any jolts also traveled straight up my arms, and bored into the back of my head. I really want bike riding to be fun.

I had a migraine last night that was low on the overall pain, but I kept having these spikes that felt like my brain was dry heaving. Each heave was triggered directly by sound, and each sound would trigger several heaves. It was almost like a painful orgasm in my head. And though I quickly sequestered myself in near-silence, a feeling of tense fuzziness continued to shroud my skull, and I knew those heaves could be triggered again, easily. So, I typed quieter. But, hey, brain heave. That's kind of new. I think I've felt it before, but it was always accompanied by other brain feelings, like stabbing and throbbing. And the stabbing is an attention hog, let me tell you.

I've been getting into fermentation. I've successfully made sauerkraut and yogurt, and now I'm giving kombucha a good up-and-down and may I say, it's looking mighty enticing. I hear improved gut health can also improve migraine health and it's worth a shot when I already love sauerkraut and yogurt and haven't tried kombucha yet, but darn if I'm not fascinated by the whole thing.

Oh, and we got our food stamps reinstated, but they cut our benefits by almost $100. It's like they hate me. BUT, I finally found a farmer's market nearby that takes the stamps, AND they'll give me $5 for every $10 I spend, making my dollar go so much further! I'm really excited to try it out, alas, I have to wait two weeks until they refill the card. I hate wait.

Michele Bachmann's migraines and the resulting media frenzy of ableism and sexism has been filling up my blogroll all week. My response is to concur with Jon Stewart, who said on the Daily Show:

"Of all my issues with Michele Bachmann's brain, migraines- not even in the top 20."

I kind of want that on a t-shirt.


Anonymous said...

Holy cow, your bike was stolen?! People suck. That's horrible, and I'm sorry to hear it. Do you think a bike company like Pashley (which makes bikes that have you sit upright in a natural position) would be willing to give you one in exchange for blog reviews? That would be awesome.

Also, I've been meaning to email you this article on gut health that my dad emailed me: http://www.clarksvilleonline.com/2011/07/18/treat-the-cause-of-a-migraine-not-the-symtoms/ Do you get more or less auras when you eat fermented foods?

steph said...

Oh, you are a very, very smart lady. I'm going to start doing some serious bike research.

I hadn't really noticed a big difference in my head activity since eating fermented foods, but I'm noticing a difference in my body, which has a direct affect on how sensitive my head is. So I've been feeling... tougher.. I guess. :)

Interesting article!