Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Winner! And I Went To The Beach!

The turnout was small on this giveaway, but the stakes were high! (Hee, I love all this drama.) And the winner is...

... HEATHER from War on Headaches! Congratulations and I hope you enjoy your care package, courtesy of the lovely Jessica, of Painfully Speaking. Thanks again Jess!


I went to the beach recently. It was a cloudy day, leaning towards fog, and cool. It was perfect. I was on the sand only for a few hours, but I relished every moment. I was surrounded by kind and interesting people and we talked and laughed and ate, but when they all took off for a Long Walk Down the Shore, I cheerfully declined and was left to my own devices. So, the dog and I wandered, sat on some driftwood, and took in the waves, the feel of the mist and the soothing sounds of beach life. I regained some strength that day. And I took a few pictures! I'll be cross-posting most of these to Focusing On Reality at some point, but the beach was so durn good for my head and my soul, they need to be here, too.



Heather said...

SWEET, thank you so much to both of you! I love being able to look forward to things in the mail! :)

Beautiful beach pics! I'm glad you were able to get some strength back. Beaches are good at that.