Friday, July 8, 2011

Validation is Awesome! Now, Some Coverage?

I've been hesitant to jump back into the pharmaceutical abyss, which means I haven't gone back to the super special specialist and have still not come anywhere close to agreeing to that hospital stay.

I've had some guilt over it, as if I'm not doing enough to make myself better, and some anxiety, because while I have personal issues with doctors and hospitals, I want so badly to be free again, I can't just let it go.

So when this article popped up in my reader, it made me feel a little better. For the link phobic, the article is entitled, "Behavioral Techniques a Better Value for Chronic Migraine Than Meds: Study", with a succinct subheading of, "Over time, relaxation training, hypnosis, biofeedback more cost-effective than drugs".

It's pretty much where I want to go with my treatment right now, and I was hoping that the super special specialist would be more open to trying alternative treatments, or would, at least, know of them and have recommendations as to how and where to get things done. But there is none of that. It's hospital or you fail, pills or you're not trying.

Biofeedback, acupuncture, massage, hypnotherapy, that weird magnet therapy, craniosacral therapy, or really, any kind of pt, does NOT appear to be covered by medicare for chronic migraines.

So, it's pretty great that medical journals are publishing articles that make me feel better about my treatment priorities... but I'm still screwed.

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Jessica said...

Insurance of all kinds suck! I'm so pissed with them right now. I was flat out denied for a stay a migraine clinic and a neuro stimulator trial. I am switching insurance carriers in November when it's open enrollment at my hospital. So now...pretty much hopped up on pills. Apparently that's what the insurance and docs want! Fuckers! I filled Prozac, Xanax, Lortab and Oxycodone tonight...I'm a walking pharmacy and then I'll probably need something like methadone to get me off all of it. I wish soooo bad I could just try smoking least no one died from smoking a few joints! I just can't because I'm regularly drug tested. And because I have scripts for the opiates and benzos...I'm fine. Not really...but it's legal. I could go on and on. And to top it all off...I still feel awful! Been a rough week. =(

steph said...

Ugh, I'm so sorry you're going through that. Our medical system is screwed. Some of the reform that passed was really great, but it's still just a big bucket of fail in too many ways.

I hope the drugs are treating you ok, I hated being on the heavy painkillers. They just made me sleep all the time, which *can* be preferable to the pain, but really, what a crap choice.

I hope this coming week is easier for you, Jess!

Jessica said...

I WISH they'd make me sleep! I'm so tolerant now to everything that they don't make me sleepy anymore. Which for me is a downside...because as you said, when I'm hurting, I'd rather sleep my time away.

Sue said...

Oh my. Uber-ice on the insurance crap. Who needs that on top of constant pain????

I'm having exactly the opposite problem re: meds. My doc is fiercely protective of his prescription pad. He will not prescribe any real pain-relievers and encourages me to use OTC meds. Which is great if you're not my kidneys or liver. Also, they don't freakin' work!

Ack! Honestly, some nights I feel like hitting the rough part of town and using half my paycheck to buy a few opiates. Just to get mr through until my next Botox injections in Septenber.....