Thursday, June 21, 2012

NMAM, Days 18-20

In this edition of the NMAM blogging extravaganza, we tackle the subjects of dreams and doctors.

Migraine Awareness Month #18: "The Price Is Right." What one thing would you do for the Migraine community if money were no issue.

I'd fund research until everyone had effective treatment. That is all.

Migraine Awareness Month #19: "The Match Game." Describe your perfect doctor to treat your Migraines.

My ideal doctor is open minded, innovative, empathetic, and meticulous. She would have suggestions for me, and referrals, and sneaky ways of getting services my insurance won't cover. She'd allow me to have appointments via phone or internet, or she'd make house calls when I can't get out. She'd have a totally scent-free office and her employees would always talk quietly and dim the lights when I was coming in. She'd have my interests at heart, instead of her bottom line and she'd go out of her way to make sure I'm getting the best treatment possible.

Migraine Awareness Month #20: "Run, Forrest, Run!" Describe the approach you think is best when it's time to move on to a new doctor.

I've tried out a few doctors and I've found leaving isn't that hard for me. I start researching for someone new and when I find a good one, I give them my old doctor's info so they can summon the records. I've given a breakup speech, but only twice, and I usually don't find it's necessary to announce my intentions. My actions are pretty clear.