Friday, May 27, 2011

I Can't Stay Down Long

Things that are bringing me out of my funk:

1. I cut my hair off. I lopped off several inches and it's now just above my shoulders. The coolest part is that I cut it myself, with a little help from the boyfriend.

2. I finally saw the last season of Lost. Closure is so satisfying.

3. I've been experimenting with marijuana extracts and it's going well! It's not just for brownies anymore, people. I've been medicating with tea, cookies, lime gummies and CHEESECAKE.

4. I made my first green smoothie of spring! I really can't drink them when the weather's below 70, since I shiver and my teeth chatter, making my head miserable. But finally, last week, the weather and my fridge stock aligned and I got my first taste of spinach, yogurt and banana in months. Oh, green, goopy, sweet, healthy wonderfulness, how I missed you.

5. I've been really enjoying taking pictures and I've been thinking of trying to sell some prints. I've looked into a few online art hosting/printing sites, but it's confusing for my poor migraine-addled brain, so I'm having trouble figuring it all out. I don't know if this idea is going anywhere, but it's nice to think about.

6. Sewing. My mom gave me a sweater that needed a few buttons replaced. I noticed it had a couple small holes along one of the seams as I was fiddling with it and repaired them, too. Being able to do something nice for someone else, fixing a problem, keeping my hands busy; it's a win, win, win.

7. I'm putting off school until fall. It's not exactly a good thing, I really wanted to get started, but the class selection just isn't right. I'm taking the risk that I'll continue to put it off for another ten years, but I'd rather do that than immolate myself trying to push through a difficult, unnecessary situation. I made a tough decision, and I feel good about it.

8. The flowers have bloomed on my nasturtiums and they are a lovely addition to my small porch garden.

And, they're edible!

9. My treadmill. As expected, the longer, brighter and hotter days are seriously impeding my outdoor exercise capabilities. The option to turn on the telly and the fan and hop on the treadmill at my every whim is keeping me moving, which I think is an essential key to my happiness.

10. Good people. I give thanks to the universe for the people in my life who surprise me, commiserate with me, humor me, love me and just get me, in the coolest ways.


Anonymous said...

Hurray! What an excellent list of good things. Funnily enough, I was most excited about you cutting your hair off, but the idea of selling your photos is cool too. One of my coworkers sells his photos on a stock photo website. Hm.....

steph said...

I think I'm most excited about the haircut, too, it's so liberating!

The stock photo thing is interesting, is there a call for flower pics? I'll check it out, thanks!

Jessica said...

You're one brave girl cutting off you're own hair!

Migrainista said...

So glad you are coming out of your funk. I love your list and am especially interested in your green much of everything do you put in?

steph said...


It's a little terrifying, but salons are like the 6th level of hell for me, so it's totally worth the risk.


I never measure my smoothie ingredients, so this is all a guesstimate. :)

I start with about 1/2 a cup of ice, two big handfuls of fresh spinach, 1/4 cup of liquid (soymilk, juice, water if that's all I've got) and 1/2 to 1 cup of plain yogurt. I really like yogurt. Start the blender, add more liquid if necessary, then add 1 banana in pieces once the spinach is pretty liquefied.

Sometimes I'll add a little honey, or another fruit, like blueberries. But this is my basic recipe.