Saturday, May 14, 2011

Gardening Update!

Blogger ate this post (originally posted on the 11th) and hasn't fixed it. So, I am reposting. Sorry for the lost comments, everyone!

The garden is small, but doing well.

I'm about to plant some more greens, having suddenly realized that my current supply would be hard-pressed to ever meet my demand.

Poor little arugula and green leaf lettuce. I barely let you grow before I eat you. And I'm not even bothering to really learn your names. Maybe you are chervil. I have no idea. All I know is that you are mesclun heaven.

The three-year-old strawberry plant is surprisingly prolific already. I think we got maybe two s-berries last year? My boyfriend has happily already consumed one already, right off the plant, of course, and there are several more ripening, teasing him with their lingering green spots.

I want to eat them now.

Striped strawberry will be eaten.

I don't think I planted the garlic at the right time. That's okay, though. I enjoy munching on the garlic chives and maintaining a sliver of hope that I will pull amazing, fantastical, probably magical garlic out of my little plastic planter.

Young garlic shoots.

It could happen. Well, maybe not those few on the end there, I'm not sure what's happening there.

Scraggly looking garlic chives. I suspect that I'm not the only one nibbling on these.

I plan to add more plants, just as soon as I can afford them, but not much more. My little garden isn't much work, but on my bad days, it's already tough.

Salad mix, garlic and thyme, kicking it on the porch.

Strawberries, an undead rosemary and my dog, sunbathing.

Indoors, a weeping fig drips onto a stevia plant. How generous.


Jessica said...

I want a little garden! I do not know how to grow plants and keep them alive though!

Keep your eye out for a package next week! =)

Jessica said...

Geez...guess I'll have to re-comment then dammit!

I cannot...I repeat...cannot keep anything alive!

Well, other than children and my dogs!

Anything that grows from the ground...dies. =(

Poor things.

Lovin your garden though!

steph said...

lol, thanks!

Migrainista said...

I love that you are doing a planter garden! What a great thing! I can hardly wait to have one myself.