Sunday, March 1, 2009

Endorphins and Serotonin

Physical activity beyond a measured stroll triggers a headache. I can physically do it, I can run and jump and yell. But once I stop, everything stops and my head delivers a beat down. I've been trying to get a treadmill because I figure that a measured stroll is better than nothing. And being able to get some "exercise" in my own home would be ideal. Indoor walking means I can wear my earplugs, watch TV, read, or have an icepack on my head while I walk. Multi-tasking! I've tried yoga, but it tends to trigger. I do some basic stretches but they really don't seem to do much but keep my body from going fetal from the inactivity.

Sex does not cause a headache. In fact, it "cures" it, for a little while. I'm not sure exactly how it works, maybe the endorphins or serotonin released damps down the pain. Or maybe it's just the distraction is more than the pain. I've never tried to have sex when my head is above a 4/5. It just doesn't occur to me for some reason.

Spicy food has the same effect as sex. While my mouth burns, my head is dealable. My stomach disagrees with this method of treatment but sometimes I can't resist dumping a bunch of hot sauce on my food and giving my head a break for a while. *Pops tums*