Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Begetting It All

My headaches have been worse, lately. I have no idea if I've mentioned that yet nor do plan to check. Such a simple thing, to read back a few entries. I just can't. My head hurts. My back and neck hurt. My eyes hurt. My headache hasn't really broken in months. Today has been really hard. Constant migraine begets anxiety begets neck pain begets more head pain begets nausea begets anxiety begets... whatever is next in this vicious circle I'm trapped in. I'm thinking of going to the ER. But the waiting room, the people, the lights and noise and smells... It's nightmarish. I haven't EVER felt enough pain to make me want to go the ER, especially with a migraine. And I've passed a kidney stone. So, I'm hoping if things get bad enough, trusty boyfriend will make that choice for me.

I'm pretty sure that this recent flare up of migraine activity is due to being on the computer so much. But I've found so much information and so many other people going through the same things. My comfort gives me pain. Ain't them the breaks?