Monday, November 29, 2010

Warm Berry Pie In My Comfies and Other Happy Things

There was a cat intermittently yowling under my house for about a day, which no one else could hear at first, so I became convinced it was a new migraine symptom, because WHY NOT. But when we got home from Turkeyfest 2010, my boyfriend heard it too, so he found the cat and chased it out. Hooray for not hallucinating. Again.

Thanksgiving sum up: perfumed people, loud talkers, rich and heavy foods, medicate, play wii, medicate, converse politely, medicate, smile, my hair looked great, butternut squash soup a la mon petit frere, bright lights, I hate blue cheese A LOT, I stood up for myself, medicated some more, had a good time, biked home and ate some warm berry pie in my comfies.

I found out that I helped a relative accept a medical condition that it seems we share, and now, hopefully, she'll get better treatment. I am overjoyed for her and SO pleased with myself. I don't care if that makes me selfish, my modus operandi of late has been to grab onto the little things and squeeze every drop of happy out of them. Luckily, someone I love getting appropriate medical care gives me quite a bit of happy, so this should sustain me for a bit. At least a week.

I finished my holiday shopping, just a few gifts off amazon (thanks survey points!) which are en route to me as we speak. Holiday cheer is looming ever closer.

I'll be focusing on the handmade gifts from now until christmas. I've got crocheting and cooking and hopefully some fabric dyeing and sewing, too. But I'm not going to push it, if I start feeling too overwhelmed. I'm making gifts for the fun of it, not to stress myself out.

I keep forgetting to link to the blog carnival I participated in over at Somebody Heal Me, and now I've submitted to another one, over at Chronicbabe! I love participating in these, feeling a part of something is really nice. And there are always plenty of good reads, so go check them out!


WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

Steph: Health Care Advocate...Yeah!!! I can see the business cards now! That is wonderful that you were able to help your relative.

I tend to squeeze the happy out of things also. I have found squeezing the unhappy out is just not very tasty and it stings.

steph said...

I'm pretty sure that if you squeeze the unhappy, it'll get worse. Like a pimple.

Fighter said...

I like your section on your day with the family, sure sounds like a day with mine. meds, fun, meds, fun, more meds, maybe more fun.

Fighter said...

May I also add that I have a hard time reading blogs with white writting and black walls. I enjoy reading other blogs but for my eyes and migraines, they hate it. Just a thought.

steph said...

Hi Fighter, thanks for commenting!

Regarding my color scheme, I have it this way intentionally, actually. The dark background and white letters are preferable for me, any other colors tend to trigger a migraine right quick. But if my colors, or any others on the internet, bother you, here's a tutorial I wrote up on how to set your web browser to show all pages in YOUR chosen colors. It's here:

I hope this helps! :)

Anonymous said...

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