Saturday, November 27, 2010

Homeopathy Again

Quite a while back, I tried a homeopathic product called Banjo.

Dr. Steve's Banjo is "nine herbal extracts in the form of a big lozenge that you let dissolve in your mouth". It's meant to reduce inflammation, which Dr. Steve was sure I had. (He has since been proven right.) To me, it tastes like a lovely blend of ginger and lemon: a little tart, a little bitter, and a little sweet.

I've got to admit, it felt pretty cool getting usage advice from the guy whose name is on the label. If Orville Redenbacher called you up with some popcorning tips, you'd listen up, right? I did, and Dr. Steve was very helpful. We checked in every few weeks to see if I had noticed any improvements or changes. He had me change my dosing style a few times and continued to send me Banjo, even though it wasn't immediately successful. (Note: Dr. Steve is not my doctor. He's a very nice man who sent me homeopathic lozenges. In emails, I called him plain Steve. We were cool like that.)

A few weeks into the experiment, I went into one of my nauseous phases. With chronic migraines, I almost always have some lingering aura, head pain or no. The nature of the aura changes over time; sometimes my peripheral vision will be haunted by sparklies off and on for three days, or I'll smell poo randomly for weeks straight. Well, this time is was the nausea, and it hit me for over a month. It was non-stop, unless I was eating, or sucking on a Banjo. (I am probably not wanting the traffic that phrase will bring me.)

Despite my sizable intake during that time of vague pukiness, Banjo never did change the frequency, intensity or nature of my migraines. And while it was very useful for the nausea, I do have other options that work just as well for me. At the end of our trial, I declined to continue to use Banjo.

It took me a long time to write about this experience. I think that's partially because I felt guilty that it didn't help me, as I do with every failed treatment. Also, I really didn't want to write a "bad" review. I struggled with this way more than was necessary. Then, I realized that just because a product didn't work for me doesn't mean it's a bad product (the opposite is true, as well: if it had worked for me, that doesn't automatically make it a good product), and it doesn't mean that I am negative or mean or ruining someone's business just because I say it out loud. I'm not that important. Sometimes I forget, you guys.

ANYWAY, if you are interested in learning more about Banjo, click on over to the website and check it out. Dr. Steve is currently focusing his trials on those with osteoarthritis, so if you are a sufferer and would like to try Banjo, there's a screening survey here. If you have migraines or fibromyalgia and would like to give Banjo a try, you can reach Dr. Steve through the website link, or you can email me and I'll pass on your info.

Full disclosure, I tried Banjo for several months at no cost to me.


WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

At least you gave Banjo a full out try!!! Dr. Steve should be glad for that - you are a tough customer as far as fixing. He knew that when he took the chance of sending it to you. He was just hoping it was the answer for you!

steph said...

Yep, it was worth a try. :)

Sue said...

Everything is worth a try. You never know when the right homeopathic med might be "The One" - good for you for giving it a good try.

I've found that Origins "Peace of Mind" peppermint oil lotion, when applied to the right temple where my worst migraines attack has been as good as any drug I've ever tried. It only costs $10 US and after all of these years, I almost laugh at the thought of trying too many drugs to count, when the best remedy is a peppermint cream and an ice pak.

steph said...

I tend to give my boyfriend more hugs on the days when he's slathered himself in menthol heat rub. He doesn't mind at all that I use him in this way. :)

Heather said...

I tried Banjo too, and pretty much had the same experience as you. It probably would work for someone with occasional headaches, but we're tough to fix. Lucky us! ;)