Friday, October 22, 2010

Of Late

I was just thinking that halloween is like a kick-off party to the massive weight gain olympics that are The Holidays and I am really hoping that if I derail that train by not buying any candy that I like for the trick-or-treaters (read: buy stock in candy corn) that maybe my caboose won't end up so overloaded at the end of the line.

Oh hey, looks like this is going to be another random, blurty post. I feel like I should apologize for these, but mah hed hertz, so screw it.

I got myself a urinary tract infection (uti). And the antibiotics are only semi-working and are triggering horrible headaches. And I can't afford pyridium. Per my doc and the antibiotic manufacturers, it should be cleared up in about a week. Only seven more days! (she cackled crazily)

I got an idea to decoupage a couple of boxes to make myself some cute little cubbies. The great thing about decoupage is that it comes out really well, really easily. So, despite my haphazard cutting and my messy flour/water glue, they came out really cool. Better, at least, than the plain brown boxes I'd been using previously for the same purpose.

I had my first real biking migraine incident. I wasn't feeling great but we needed to go to the food bank and it's only a few blocks away, so I decided to risk it. I made it about a block before my migraine impaired aim careened me over a few sharp sidewalk elevation changes, which gave me several hard jolts in a row. I stayed upright, didn't even need to stop the bike actually, but my head felt every bump and I suddenly felt very sick. Then of course, noises got louder, the sun got brighter and hotter, and I felt like I was possibly floating several feet behind my body. I made it there and back, but I've been off-kilter since. My head is waxing and waning and making me moody as hell. I'm confused and nauseous one minute and making zucchini brownies the next.

Though, that might also be due to my current lack of meds. I'm having to ration and go without, so I'm less able to work through the pain. But when I do indulge in pain relief I can't stop myself from being productive, which triggers more pain, for which I can't medicate, and then I'm back where I started.

Forcing relaxation is an uncomfortable feeling. But I think a cuppa, a heat wrap, and a massage from my man might be just the ticket.


Migrainista said...

sounds like a great idea...I hope it helps and you're feeling better soon.

WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

Can you get shock absorbers for bicycles? Just trying to be proactive.....

steph said...

Thanks Migrainista!

WinPoo, I've been informed that I have good shocks now, but we will soon be able to get me some fancy-schmancy, possibly professional, normally stupidly expensive ones. Hopefully that'll help, because while bumpy surfaces haven't been a problem every time I bike, it's happened more than once now.

Jessica said...

Hey Steph...out of curiosity...what meds do you usually take for your noggin???

steph said...

Hi Jessica,

I use marijuana most often, but I also occasionally use soma, valium, and caffeine. But these can trigger a wicked rebound headache and all kinds of other fun side effects, so I really try to stick to the pot as much as possible.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a rough couple of days! The rationing sounds like it bites the big one, but the way you described feeling put of your body? Right on.

I personally love the migraine-impaired aim. Especially when it makes me dump boiling hot applesauce onto my hand instead of into the jar I'm steadying. Although, now that I think about it, the applesauce burn distracted me from the migraine for few moments.

steph said...


And yum!

Homemade applesauce might actually be a migraine cure. I can test it out if you need volunteers. Though, I'd prefer to take it orally, at an ambient temperature.