Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy Things In My Life

This last (fingers crossed!) heat wave has really beaten me down. I've been reclusive and snappy, exhausted and lethargic, depressed and bored. So, here's a list of the recent awesome, which has been helping me set my head back on straight.

**I have now been on several successful bike rides. I haven't crashed yet, but I did topple over in a highly dramatic and painful way that was surely a joy for all who witnessed it. The fall left strange-looking parallel bruises on my ribs and hip, and some huge purple welts on my shins that make me look all beat to hell. I'm kind of enjoying it. I mean, they hurt a little, but I haven't had a good bruise in a long time, and I feel like that scrape on my right shin and the two bright lumps on my left are badges of pride, well-earned scars of triumph over adversity, or something like that. Every time I bump them, I wince, but I'm also reminded of how much fun it is to bike and how much more exercise I'm getting and how much healthier I feel. I love my bruises!

**I've caught up on last season's Top Chef, am happy ANTM is back, and can't wait to hijack someone's cable for some quality Dexter time. (Hi mom!)

**I've been slowly rereading The Once and Future King, which is one of my favorites.

**I've been looking into school again. It's a constant fantasy of mine, to eventually get a degree (or ten!). I would need quite a few accommodations and would be taking only one class at a time for now, but it would be progress. Which is the goal. Unfortunately there is a mountain of paperwork that goes along with the application process, which really challenges my poor, migraine-addled brain. And then I get discouraged, how would I possibly do well in school if I can't even manage to apply? Which is just fear talking, and frustration. Baby steps.

**I've been hanging dry our laundry as much as possible lately. Now, not using the dryer uses more spoons, with the hanging, and can trigger my head a bit, with the reaching, but I like using less electricity and since I stopped using fabric softener the static cling has been making me crazy. I still dry my towels and blankets in the machine, though. It's an indoor rack, they'd take a week.

**Despite the recent heat wave, I've been smelling fall on the wind. At night, a chilly breeze will kick up, sending the first waves of fallen leaves scraping along the streets. I can't wait for rain.

**I cut my own hair over month ago. I'm not sure if I ever mentioned it, but I'm still proud of how it came out every time I catch myself in the mirror. Hopefully, this'll mean that I'll be able to avoid the perils of a salon for a while.

**My boyfriend. I am ever-impressed by his patience, compassion, and ability. He takes care of me in ways I never thought I would need and never lets me feel shame for it.


WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

WooHoo Bicycle Rider!!!

PS I always cut my own hair at midnight or some odd hour in the AM - why I don't know - becuase I can?? Glad you have discovered the power of your own scissors!

steph said...

It is most certainly because we can. :)

Heather said...

Glad you've been biking - I've been doing the same. The bumps on the trail hurt my head, but it's such a fun way to get exercise and get outside. Bruises rock! :)

steph said...

Right on! We've only been on city streets so far, and the little inclines at intersections and uneven curbs have been a little troublesome for my head pain, but otherwise, I am SO loving it. I can't wait to hit a real trail!