Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mushrooms for Migraine? Meh.

Anybody remember when I posted that link to that hallucinogenic mushroom page and we didn't ever really bring it up again, cause WOW, what a crazy treatment for migraines, right?!


**The disclaimer: I, not being a doctor or scientist of any kind, am not recommending that anyone try hallucinogenic mushrooms, for any reason. I did my own research and took my own risks, knew the possible consequences and made my own choices. These may not be the best choices for you. Also, psilocybin (science talk for magic) mushrooms are illegal everywhere that I know of, so don't go roaming the streets, or the woods, trying to score them because some woman on the internet said to. I absolutely did not say to. And we're going to call this whole post fiction just in case someone wants to arrest me.**

As the disclaimer suggests, I didn't enter into this lightly. I found a lot of anecdotal experience on the web, which detailed various methods of ingestion, frequency and results. I compared this information to the few studies I could find about migraines and hallucinogens. It is mostly recommended for cluster headaches, but is occasionally mentioned as being helpful for other chronic pain conditions and some psychoses. After a year of talking it over, off and on, an opportunity presented itself and we took it. Well, I took it. My boyfriend mostly babysat me and rolled his eyes.

I actually ended up trying it twice. The first time, I noticed no real change in my pain, and very little change in my perception. From what I'd read, the dose doesn't necessarily need to be high enough to cause hallucinations, so I'd decided to start low and increase the dose if needed. I tried it again a few weeks later, with a slightly higher amount and a more effective delivery system and I definitely had a reaction. It actually reminded me of a migraine, with the first hint of wooziness and visual distortions and then the full on assault of sensory overload, nausea, confusion and just a dash of panic. It was not an enjoyable experience, for the most part. Interestingly, I endured the majority of the trip without a noticeable headache, but as soon as the rest of me returned to normal, so did my migraine.

I'm unlikely to try it again. Like with many other treatments I've had to abandon, I didn't see enough positive results before the side effects became too much for me. Also, there's the whole illegal thing.

Though honestly, if it had worked, I'd take them as often as necessary, side effects and laws be damned. Now, wouldn't that be a trip?


WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

Too bad the migraine didn't like you taking a trip without it...

steph said...

Yeah... I figured it was a long shot. It was definitely my weirdest treatment so far!

Jessica said...

You crack me up! Stick to the weed! I'm seriously considering becoming a pothead. Sucks it's not legal here for medicinal use and being that I am in the medical field subjected to random drug tests I think I might have to stick with popping random pills for awhile! Haha!

steph said...

It's too bad that marijuana is criminalized in so many places. It's literally the only drug that has helped me thus far.

Thanks for the comment!

Tricia said...

Wow. Very interesting. Keep us updated on your other experiences with illegal drugs!

steph said...

Lol, will do!

Migrainista said...

I would have tried pot by now if it not for the high expense. I can't believe how expensive it is.

steph said...

Marijuana can definitely get pricey, and it's especially dependent on how easy it is to grow in your area, and its legality.

In my experience, it's not any more expensive than many of the other treatments I've tried that insurance wouldn't cover. Those 20-dollar-a-pill triptans never did work for me.

The ideal situation is to pay for it just long enough to determine whether it helps you or not, then grow your own. :D

I hope you get an opportunity to try it!