Tuesday, October 26, 2010


A few items about the blog.

About a hundred years ago, I got a couple blogger-endowed awards. A very belated thanks MigrainePuppet, Tallis, and Jessica. There's nothing better than mutual blog love. But I am once again going to ignore the rules and not make a list of people to pass it on to.


I tried a few times, but it was like picking a favorite song or movie. There are too many greats, and my favorites change with my mood. Also, I kept flashing back to being picked last for basketball, which broke my ten-tear-old heart and has made it extremely uncomfortable for me to ever express preference over one person or thing over another. (Like when I used to feel bad for Pepsi because I only drank Coke, so I used to buy a Pepsi every tenth time or so, to make them feel better. (Now I drink water. It's just easier.)) You can see how choosing favorite writers might be difficult for me. So, instead of stressing myself out, let me again direct you to my blogroll, down there on the right, which is chock-full of fabulous writings and interesting people. And a few weirdos.


I love the idea of a business sending me free stuff to review it on my blog. How do people normally make this happen? Do the bloggers email companies asking for free stuff or do we wait for them to find us?

I actually did try something once, they found me in this case, and a product was sent to me to try for free with the idea that I would write about my positive experience. But the product didn't work for me and I didn't want to write a bad review, so I don't think I ever mentioned it. But I really do like free stuff. And having an opinion. So, there you go, Companies With Migraine Related Products To Sell, send me your products (at your expense, of course) and if I can't say anything nice I won't say anything at all.

What a pitch. Yep, the free samples will be lining up. Aaaaaany day now.


Migraine blogging tip of the day: Since my brain went haywire, I've found it nearly impossible to sit down and write a coherent blog post from start to finish. (Haveyanoticed?) I get confused or distracted or tired before I manage to finish a thought. I've found it works better for me if I keep several pieces going at the same time. And then, whenever I feel like writing (like randomly for 3 hours at 4 am. Good morning!), I can flit around my drafts, editing, adding and deleting at whim, moving on to the next, starting a whole new post, or stopping writing mid-sentence without feeling like I left anything half-finished. Because everything is half finished! And sometimes I'll wrap up several posts at a time and save them up for the weeks when I can't string together two words. This somewhat scattered technique has served me well. Looking back, I've been pretty consistent with my posting, despite the rollercoaster ride of cognitive ups and downs I deal with daily.


I posted some pictures over at my other blog, Focusing On Reality. It's been months since I've posted there, so why doncha pop on over and give my stat counter some activity. It'll make me feel good and I'll owe you one. :)


WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

Hoping the migraine company offers start pouring in!!!

Liked your other blog - your artwork is beautiful

steph said...

Thank you so much, wnpp! Now if only I could master clever portraits like yours... ;)

Jessica said...

Haha...I HATE coming up with 15 blogs to pass an award out to...but then I feel guilty not fulfilling my obligation. So I pick a couple I am currently reading and also mention my blog list as you did. Next time (if there is a next time)...Im skipping that part too!
Oh and if the migraine company offers start pouring in...can you direct them my way too? =)

steph said...


I will absolutely send some free stuff your way!

Migraine Product Companies, do you hear me? I'm recruiting over here!