Tuesday, June 5, 2018

The Latest

It's been a difficult few months and it shows in my exercise log.

Only 43 out of 90 days, and most of those were in the last few weeks. I've had some familial upheaval and the stress wore me out. The stress is still happening but I've been able to take a bit of a break from it and with any luck it'll be resolved soon.

I got an elliptical machine! I managed to tuck it in my kitchen, which has huge windows that overlook the forest, so that's been great for when I can't handle the hills, the heat, the mosquitoes, etc. Anything that keeps me moving is worth its weight in gold.

I just discovered a program that allows me to go to school completely free, at least until I get my AA. It's online, I can take one class at a time! It seems too good to be true, but it's through my mom's union and it all looks legit! I'm so excited! But getting all the relevant paperworks to them is such a pain. I gotta get with my high school, my old college, my doctor, but it's like a warm-up for academia so I'm trying to take it in stride.

I've got a garden going again this year, but it's small. A few herbs, squash plants for the flowers, and some begonias and marigolds the critters have already had a munch on, but that's why I always buy the cheap plants, because I live in the forest and hongry herbivores abound. I've also started collecting succulents, so that's new.

My mental health has improved MAJORLY you guys. Zoloft has been amazing for me, and I was so skeptical because I'd had a previous bad experience with antidepressants, but I'm really glad I got over my fear because I was stuck physically and mentally and it was awful. I'm still kind of stuck, there's not a whole lot of unsticking when you've got daily migraines, but at least I can see the light again. I've got my optimism back, and it makes a world of difference.