Saturday, March 10, 2018

Vag of Steel

I started pelvic floor therapy.

I've been having increasing trouble peeing, and from the interstitial cystitis groups i'm in i'd gleaned it was an issue with my pelvic floor. So I asked my gyno and she referred me to a therapist.

Within 10 minutes of meeting her she had her hand in my vagina. I'd expected a thorough internal massage so I was gung-ho, anything to not end up in diapers or needing to self-cath any earlier than I have to. I have the strongest vagina she's ever seen.

She directed me to practice diaphragmatic breathing and at our last appointment I was shown some massage techniques and it's already made a difference. It's invasive and weird for me, but the therapists are caring and professional so it's easy to get past my own hang ups.

It's time for my exercise chart update,

55/90 days - i think, my eyes are crossing trying to count. More than half, but it's frustrating how often I want to work out (every day) and how often I can. When I can run I feel almost normal.

My head's been pretty consistent lately. I wake with minimal or no pain, with increases as i'm active or exposed to triggers throughout the day. The nausea's died down for a while, so that's nice. Dizziness is frequent, memory lapses normal, fatigue constant. My neck and shoulders are frequent triggers. My doc thinks it's arthritis, as i'm starting to feel it in my hands too. Yay I'm collecting chronic illnesses like they're worth more in a set.


C. said...

Congrats on your strong vagina! These are words I never anticipated saying before. Also, nice job on the exercise, even if it’s not as often as you want.