Sunday, January 5, 2014

A Little Gratitude for the New Year

I can only hope that the rest of this year is as quiet and satisfying as my new years' eve and day were.

My boyfriend had work for much of the eve, so I had dinner and the later cocoa alone, just me and DS9 and the puppies. I spent the evening making a list of goals and wants for the coming year(s), then went to bed by nine. No midnight shenanigans for this lady, I need my sleep!

The next morning, I tore the goals into strips and burned them individually, while repeating to myself these things that have become so important. It was a nice moment of reflection.

I then made myself a vegan breakfast feast to welcome the new year. I'm obsessed with the Happy Herbivore, and I got these recipes for french toast, tofu scramble, and country potatoes from the first book. I highly recommend these books and the blog for vegans and omnis alike. I was making an obscene amount of nomming noises as I ate, and I'm really proud of myself for taking a picture to share because it was a phenomenal start to the new year.

I've been cooking a lot lately, from the Happy Herbivore resources and other vegan books I've gotten from our local library, plus the internet: it is an endless source of inspiration.

I'm not sure what to expect from this year, things feel very in flux right now. But rest assured, I'll let you all know if anything interesting happens.

And while I'm thinking about the future, let's talk about this blog. I've been flying by the seat of my pants here lately, and I would like to give myself a bit more structure. So, topics I'm planning on addressing in the near future include, but are not limited to: 1. A trip to smog the car: when invisible disabilities become visible/migraining in public. 2. Interstitial Cystitis, How I Deal. 3. In-depth examinations of exercise on my head. 4. Food. 5. Kids: should I have them? 6. The power of woo: a skeptic's consumption of homeopathy, the mind-body connection, and herbal remedies.

What do you think, readers? Any of these topics interest you? Is there anything you think I should write about? Any questions? Comment, email me, let me know.

Because sure, I'm writing for me, but I'm also very much writing for you, and let's be honest, writers tend to like being read. Thanks for reading what I write, and for the comments and emails, you all give me a sense of connection and commiseration that I hold incredibly dear.

Thank you. <3


Migrainista said...

That does look like a great breakfast! Looking forward to reading all you have to write in the coming year :)

Heather said...

Any of those topics sound interesting to me. I love your blog because you're so honest and aren't afraid to hold back, so as long as you keep doing that I think any topic would be interesting and helpful to others. :)

P.S. For #5, don't do it!! Haha j/k. I wouldn't trade my baby for anything, but it's definitely a personal choice and kids are a lot of work (but worth it of course).