Saturday, June 15, 2013

My Body, My Choices

People who share unsolicited and uninformed opinions about my medical treatment options and choices can suck it.

Years ago, I was grateful for suggestions. And, I got them. Eat this, drink that, avoid this, take this, rub this on, wear this, and/or go to this professional for some migraine miracle magic. Or, supplements and exercise, or rest, or "powering through it", or maybe prayer and positive thinking? Tsk, have I considered getting therapy? And always, always, always the pills. I've been on the crazy pills, seizure pills, sleepy pills, never-poop pills, fat pills, jittery pills, and pills of utter desperation. But, have I tried this pill or that pill or the other pill? If it didn't work, or was too torturous with side effects for me to continue it, I should probably just try it again, but at a different dosage, or in combination with this other pill!

And then I say no. No, I'm not actively seeking treatment, no I'm not taking those pills anymore. Or those. Or those. No, I can't afford that treatment, no I don't see the value in wasting my every cent on my head when most of the money I've thrown at it so far hasn't done me a lick of good.

Some things we just have to accept.

Butbutbut! I'm giving up! Living off the government! Mooching! Not trying to get better! Hiding from the world! Being lazy! Taking advantage of the system!

No, I say, this is acceptance. If I discover a treatment that seems promising to me, I'll try it. If I can somehow afford certain treatments, through a miraculous monetary windfall or an equally miraculous change in coverage by medicare, I will eagerly pursue them. Until then, I accept and make due and live my life with very, very quiet enthusiasm and try my darnedest to ignore the criticisms, because those people do not live with my illness, my body, or my life.


Migrainista said...

Yes! I feel the same way. So much money, so many pills, so much desperation...absolutely no improvement. Nothing wrong with taking a step back. That's what I'm doing.