Sunday, April 3, 2011


An artist I am not, but I've been having some bedtime anxiety lately and have found drawing to be an excellent calming activity. I simply crawl into bed with my (handy-dandy) notebook and pen and doodle whatever comes until I fall asleep. Here are a few of my more interesting (and oddly violent) drawings.

Arrow through the eye and axe in the skull. Also, some fruit!

I've been obsessed with drawing my face half-happy, half-strange. It's about one-sided migraines and weird symptoms, and living a double life of pain. This one is my favorite of a dozen variations.

A fishhook in my eye, a hammer to the head and occipital drilling.

A closeup of the occipital drill.

Electric hotspots. The text reads: All this pain is really putting a damper on my good time.

Self portrait. Heh.


WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

Loving the hat and attitude in the last self portrait. Your "drawrings" are a great outlet! Wish you didn't feel like you had a fishhook in your eye. I've been thinking of doing drawrings again, got some paper and pencils but don't know where to start.

steph said...

Thanks Winny! I hope to see your drawings sometime!

Jessica said...

I'm thinking that drilling into the back of my skull might actually feel good!

Sue said...

What a great creative outlet! I really resonate with the first one. That looks a lot like the arrow that hits my right temple late in the day and through the evening! (though I must admit, it hasn't been so bad since my last nerve block. Still there, but not quite as nasty...)