Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hospital Fear

So, everyone is pulling for me to do this hospital stay. I understand why, and part of me is totally gung ho. But there's this other part of me that won't be silenced and that part of me is having fits of panicky fear every time I try to logic it all out.

I'm trying to think of ways to make it less scary. Researching the facility I'd be staying in, finding out the specifics, might help. Will I have my own room? What kind of food will they serve? Will I be conscious? If I'm unconscious, how does the staff then treat me? Do they continue to run tests and administer treatment or do we wait for my consent? Can I go outside? Can my boyfriend stay with me? What's the policy on electronic devices?

But I have a history with hospitals. And really, no matter how many questions they answer, that history is telling me that only bad things will happen.

However, in the past week, I've had two children of facebook friends go into surgery, one requiring about a week-long stay in the hospital. So, that feels a little like the universe telling me to bootstrap up.

If the doctor ends up recommending it, which, it really looks like he will, I'll probably go for it. I'm terrified, but I can't just stand still and hope my head fixes itself.


Jessica said...

During my 2 hospital stays...I had my own room & Jesse was able to stay with me when I wanted him to. I brought pillows from home, a blanket from home, my ice pack, ear plugs and an eye mask. I was pretty much comatose the whole I didn't care about much. Jesse was also able to bring me whatever I wanted to eat, he helped me shower and took me for little walks around the nurses station. I also had my cell phone.

The first night on my first stay I had a room ate. Well she had tons of visitors and the smell of her fried chicken made me throw up neuro then insisted I be in a private room due to my medical condition and the fact that I'm insured. plays a role in it. I know that just from working in a hospital....and it sucks. I'm all for equal treatment!

steph said...

Thanks for sharing your experience Jessica! I'm really, REALLY, hoping for a private room. :/

WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

The first time I had a roommate because THAT doctor sucked. The second time I had a private room because I was in too much pain going in and I actually had a group of doctors that had some sense.

I never was in controlled enough pain (because of the type of headache I have which is NOT migraine) to be comatose. I think I would have welcomed it!!!

I think you are just going in for infusions??? so hopefully it won't be extended past what you are scheduled for. An answer or a brief remission would be great!

Jessica said...

Steph...your physician can say it is medically necassary for you to be in your own room. I personally think EVERYONE who is ever hospitalized should hava a private room. But, if you are there for intractable migraine...a roomate will only exacerbate symptoms. You need quiet and darkness...and limited stimuli. Request it beforehand!!!

Migrainista said...

Do you mind me asking what you may be hospitalized for? I can understand how the thought of it would be kind of scary. Here's hoping you get a private room and can bring some comforts from home.

steph said...

The hospital stay is supposed to break my migraines. It's only been mentioned as a possibility so far, so I don't have any details yet, but that a dihydroergotamine iv is very likely.

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping that if you do go in for a hospital stay, this one breaks the cycle of bad hospital things AND chronic migraines. That would be fantastic.

Also: "I can't just stand still and hope my head fixes itself"? Right on. You can do it!