Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Amusing Earplug Anecdote

Earplugs in, I walk into the living room and ask my normally not ass-grabby boyfriend a question. I watch his mouth to discern what he's saying, but he's mumbling and looking down. Actually, he's looking me up and down and making a pervy face. I confusedly start, "I can't hear you..." he reaches out quickly and squeezes my butt, so I get all high pitched in surprise, "...and you are grabbing my ass!!!" He pulls me down on to the couch for a better grip and I plead a desperate, confused, slightly panicky, "What's happening??" before cackling like a crazy because my butt is ticklish.

Then my head started to hurt from the flailing and cackling, so I calmed down.

Thank you, earplugs, for allowing me a few moments of giggly rough-housing I wouldn't normally have. I love you.