Monday, November 6, 2017

Distraction is a Coping Skill

Hey all. I don't have much going on lately. I'm still really focused on exercise, which takes up the majority of my energy.

One new thing is I've started wearing earrings again. It's been years since I could tolerate them - I guess that's part of allodynia? - between the pokey backs and how irritated my ears get from anything not stainless steel, I'd always take them out within minutes. But having short hair always makes me want to femme things up, so I decided to try something new. I found some thin, short, stainless steel barbells and they are perfect! No irritation, they just look like simple studs, and the backs are totally no-poke. I've been wearing them for weeks and couldn't be happier with them.

My uterus has been given the all-clear for a year! I had to go in and have another hysteroscopy, which was fine but the anesthesia always makes me SO SICK. But it was only a two hour vomiting extravaganza this time, instead of my usual six, so hey improvement! And my ute being hunky dory is pretty much all I was hoping for, so thank you cancer cells for not coming back. Appreciate it!

I'm having a neck spasm right now and it's no fun. I finally went and got xrayed, they say it's just arthritis. It's not great for my migraines, is all I care about right now. I just can't move. So I'm using my dusty bottle of muscle relaxers and ibuprofen, also stool softeners cause I would like to poop again within the next week, liberal cannabis, and loads of tv to keep me distracted. Stranger Things was great, also enjoyed Halt and Catch Fire. I'm trying to get into Penny Dreadful but it might be too gory for me. I will take any recs you got, distract me migraine fam!


C. said...

I was wondering where you had gotten to. Glad to hear it about the uterus, and jealous about the earrings! I haven't been able to tolerate earrings in a long time.