Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving Realities

The older I get, the more cynical I get about Thanksgiving. The origins of the holiday are total bull, and there are so many people going hungry in this country (in the world) that spending a day stuffing my face in the name of community and gratitude feels a tad hypocritical. And then there's the migraines, so it's not like I'm rushing to the family table where everyone is in their finest and wearing perfume up the whazoo.

Anyway. Today will be spent at home, kind of a normal day save for the menu I'm aiming to cook, if we can get all the food - we have no potatoes at the moment, and if I don't get my mashed tapaytas and mushroom gravy I'll be bummed - and if I can even manage cooking it.

I've still been extraordinarily tired lately, even with supplements and being able to hike again most mornings. Today will be a day for slow and steady progress.

So, if this all works out, it'll be mash and gravy, green beans, a really simple apple, almond, and sweet potato dressing, and maybe some lentil loaf bites.

Tomorrow, we're heading to my parents' house for "leftovers", though knowing my step-dad he may just make a whole new meal.

And I'll just leave this here, because it was informational, funny, and we should all know the truth about our history.


C. said...

Your thanksgiving dinner at home sounds good. How do you make lentil loaf? I'm sure I could google this.

We had my little brother and his girlfriend up to sleep over, and my one stipulation was no spraying perfume or cologne. But they still smelled like hair product. What jerkface decided that hair should smell like cool mountain rain or floral bouquet anyway?

steph said...

Hey C! I never make lentil loaf the same way twice, because I have a problem with sticking to recipes. :p But it usually contains lentils, mushrooms, can tomato, whatever other veg I've got in the house, oats, ground nuts, and loads of herbs and seasonings like sage, miso and molasses.

Perfumes are almost easier to deal with than hair, soap and laundry products because at least guests could potentially wash it off. I'm so afraid to have people at our house because the place is tiny and any little fragrance can become overwhelming so fast. :/