Saturday, November 2, 2013

Summary: Molasses, Congress, Stupid Goals, Grump

Halfway through the quarter and I mostly hate this class.

Forcing myself to study is a chore, I'm not getting the amazing grades I'm used to as easily, and I think government is the worst subject ever and wish that it would all burn down and we could live in anarchy just so I don't have to learn this anymore. I hate it. HATE.

It looks like it'll get better in the coming weeks, hopefully more political movements and less nitty-gritty details of the workings of congress. I'm SO BORED. And I've had at least 8 people tell me that they loooooved their poli sci classes and all those government workings are so interesting, aren't they? NO HOLY SHIT THEY REALLY ARE NOT, LIKE AT ALL.

I'm barely maintaining my A right now, luckily this teacher offers extra credit, so I've still got a fighting chance at keeping it. If I get anything less than an 89% in the class, I lose my goal of having a 2.5 gpa by xmas. Which wouldn't mean anything, except it'll be a few more months before it's up, but I set this stupid goal for myself and now I really want to meet it. Taking one class at a time makes watching a low gpa rise like pouring molasses in January, it is taking for-ev-er for me to rectify the mistakes of my youth. It was over ten years ago, why oh why do they not have a statute of limitations on crappy grades? Though, that would likely make the credits I did manage to earn back then null and void, so perhaps I'll just take my humble pie and eat it.

My head's been not too bad, though I'm frustrated to discover than I can either go for an uphill hike with the puppies or get homework done, but not both, not in the same day. Exercise has been my therapy lately, so being stuck inside, stressing over school and other things, has been uncomfortable. I can't change anything at the moment, though, so I just need to get through the next five weeks of this class and hopefully I'll be able to right myself again.

I knew it wouldn't always be as easy or fun as these last several classes have been, but I'm really ready to get back to enjoying school already, this is bumming me out.


C. said...

ooo, sorry about gushing about politics. You're right, it's super boring.

Fun fact: there was a molasses flood in the early 1900s in Boston, and the molasses moved so fast that it killed a bunch of people and horses. True story. Your grades could rise like the molasses flood.

steph said...

We're into presidential powers, which are slightly less mind-numbing than the fine details of congress, and I'm feeling a little less agro about the whole thing, at least for today. ;)

Your PoliSci enthusiasm is always welcome, I need the encouragement and good vibes, I'm just jealous of all you politics nerds who just really LIKE it. I miss English. (though i'll whine about that too, rest assured)

I WISH my grades were like a molasses flood, IF ONLY. But without the death toll.

And I've heard it still smells like molasses in Boston, at least on hot days? That's pretty wild.