Thursday, August 2, 2012

Head Status

I haven't done a proper migraine update in a while.

The unprovoked nausea, it comes and goes, but the motion sickness still hits every time I get in the car, so I've become Canada Dry's biggest customer in the past months.

My worst triggers are still light, sound, and smells, but I also continue to be sensitive to simple activities like bending, reaching, talking, listening and concentrating.

The head pain is less constant and less severe than it was last summer, thanks be to the quiet country life. When I'm at home, and can pace myself and control my environment, I can do almost anything and recuperate at least somewhat within a day. I've gotten great at anticipating and avoiding migraine triggers, so I've been able to go up to several days at a time without a significant neurological event. That's huge for me! Of course, when I leave the safety of our secluded woods and venture into the wilds of town, all bets are off and I'm back to my super-sensitive, hardly-functioning self. It just takes a whiff of perfume, or an unexpected motorcycle or the sun glinting off the back window of the car in front of us to turn me back into a feeble, mumbling, twitching, confused mess of a person. I still recuperate faster than I used to, though, and can expect to be back to semi-active much sooner than I used to.

I've been exercising a few times a week, sometimes every day; walking, hiking, yoga and/or 3-pound free weights, depending on what I feel up for. I've lost a little bit of weight and gained a good bit of muscle, and it feels so good to be strong again.

I've been able to get out more, too, since I only act like a social pariah about 30% of the time, instead of my previous 70%. I've spent quality time with friends and family and have felt more in control of my relationships and behavior.

My depression seems to be staying away for now. I had a sad day right around when my period started, but it coincided with migraine activity and a heatwave, and didn't leave me anywhere near as bad off as the depression I've come to fear, just a little melancholy, tired and lethargic, so I'm sticking with calling it a sad day and enjoying the depression sabbatical.

Oh, and my menstrual cramps also seem to have died back remarkably since I cut way back on the dairy. It's a huge difference, and I never would have believed it if I weren't living it, that's how dedicated I was to cheese. But, my body has spoken and I'll be sticking with my new diet. The dairy industry will suffer, I'm sure.


Heather said...

I didn't know dairy impacted menstrual cramps! Mine have been awful since my cyst surgery/endometriosis diagnosis, so I'll try cutting back on it.
Also regarding your newest post, sorry the jellyfish stuff isn't helping, that's a bummer :(