Monday, March 19, 2012

More School Musing

Trying to plan my educational future is complicated.

I can only school online at this point; being totally unable to tolerate the noise, lights and smells that are normal in classrooms. Even if I could get a specially-lit classroom and one-on-one instruction with a teacher who wore no scent and spoke in comfortable tones and explained everything at least four times, just traveling to and from school would leave me exhausted and unable to function properly for days. There are no accommodations available that could make on campus learning a possibility. This is limiting in terms of what classes are available online, which then limits my possible degrees. But, I'm finding more options lately, and it gives me hope. Maybe by the time I get through the classes that are available to me now, there will be a whole new batch available. I'm going pretty slowly so far, they have plenty of time, really.

My educational goals remain unclear. My immediate goal is to take classes that will directly benefit my future, either educating me directly about something that will eventually earn me a living, or taking a step towards a degree that will eventually lead to me earning a living. Technical writing, medical transcription, programming, web design, creative writing, photography, special education and psychology; I have a lot of interests and not much of a clue of what would be best suited for me. But again, I'm going pretty slowly and have plenty of time to deliberate on my options. These are the things that bounce around in this achy head, is all.

Money is always tight. I qualify for a lot of financial aid, enough to cover almost all of my tuition and books (which I am SO grateful for), but I still have to pay for my ridiculously expensive internet connection, and am finding it impossible to save for more expensive accommodations that would greatly improve my success; like an ergonomic chair (we've been using a canvas, outdoor, folding chair with a foam cushion on the seat and now we both have sciatica pain), some kind of a portable device for schoolwork (a pda, tablet, or laptop would work), a tutor, learning software, et al. These are all things that financial aid and the disabilities services don't cover, that would greatly increase my productivity. I haven't heard back yet on any of those scholarships I've applied for, but if I got just one, it would lighten the load so much. Fingers crossed.

I've still got several weeks until classes start. I've been trying to fill my time with things that matter; sewing, crochet, cleaning and renovating our home, cooking healthy food, getting exercise, learning to code, blogging, and searching for (but not finding) more financial aid.

I'll keep looking, keep trying. I've finally got some semblance of a goal after a lifetime of not being terribly goal-oriented, I'm holding onto this with both hands, both feet and my teeth.