Thursday, March 8, 2012

Migraines, Links and School

I got this article, Pain-Wracked Migraine Patients’ Needs Targeted by Map’s Drug in my google alerts and hey, it had a bunch of pretty accurate and interesting information about migraines and some upcoming treatments! In mainstream media! WHAT THE WHAT! I get excited when this happens!

Also, if you didn't catch this one, here's a video of Jennie Garth on The Doctors talking about her experiences with migraines, or as they call them, megrim. (A warning: The video autoplays when the page loads and it is preceded by ads.) I think Jennie Garth is adorable and I love it when famous people use their fame to bring attention to unnoticed causes. Thanks Jennie!

While I'm linking, I'll be participating in the Health Activist Writer's Challenge Month in April. I'll likely change it up a bit, one post every day doesn't really work with my head, but I plan to get something out of it, whichever way I roll.

And, it might be particularly tricky because school will be starting soon. Yep, I just registered for Nutrition, and I'm excited for the upcoming quarter. I haven't yet heard back from my soon-to-be-teacher about the accommodations I very politely requested (seriously, my counselor made a point of complimenting me on my diplomacy. AWESOME.), but they're all still busy wrapping up the current quarter, so I'm practicing my patience. Isn't practice supposed to make perfect? All these years of practicing my patience and I'm still terrible at it. Maybe I need some new sayings. Patience sucks, gimme it now. MUCH BETTER.

I've been trying the coding thing again, this time with, and it's going so much better than my first attempt. I'm starting to think that I should take a real class, that this could be something I could wrap my head around. However, I'd really like to secure some kind of tutoring situation. My school would provide me with one, as part of the disabilities services, but only on-campus. I can't leave my house without migraining, there's no way I'd be able to get anything out of tutoring after travel and being out in the sun and pollution and noise. So, I'm going to continue the free, online learning until I can either figure out a way around the tutoring obstacle, get good enough that it won't matter, or lose interest in programming altogether. We'll see how it goes.

And that's what's happening with me.


Jessica said...

It is great to see a celebrity advocating for Migraine sufferers, but what annoys me is they never get into what to do it all treatment options fail and the Migraines are chronic.