Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fill 'er Up

My life has changed, and it seems to be for the better. As long as we don't get smashed.

We're improving the driveway as we speak. There's a guy in an awesome little tractor-type machine digging and moving and filling and spreading rocks outside my house and I am wearing an earplug for the first time since being up here, but it's fine by me. It's supposed to rain later this week, so it's great timing to get that Dirt Pit (nee Mud Bog) filled in and safe for the inevitable winter sog.

Another tree fell, this one at 3:30 in the morning, but our power lines weren't taken down, thankfully. I'm not a fan of the falling trees. (Good name for a band.) It's been said that we aren't in the direct line of any trees that are in danger of succumbing to gravity, but still. Whenever I express my worry to my ever-patient boyfriend, I inevitably use the word "smashed", as in: "I'm afraid that tree will smash us in our sleep", or "These trees are falling down all around us and we'll all be smashed!!!" It's odd that I'm using that word, I think. Crushed would be more accurate, killed would be less graphic. Smashed, in this context is almost childlike, and that's the heart of it, I'm sure. The things I'm afraid of up here, I've never been afraid of before (unless in a past life, of course, heh) and they make me feel like a confused and scared little kid. Hopefully as I become used to the dangers and better prepared, I'll start talking like a grown-up again.

We went back to the city for Halloween festivities, went to a party and scored some candy. We went as the 99%, silly-style. We wore our regular clothes and I made some cardboard signs for us from slogans I'd found while googling, one read "Occupy Halloween", the other, "The top 1% shouldn't get all the candy." Then, I attached a sign to the dog that said "Tax the Big Dogs". We got a few hearty laughs, a few tight-lipped smiles, and quite a few confused looks. Don't people consume news anymore?

My head is stabbing me in the left eye and temple today, and my back has been off and on pissed off and my hips have been steadily aching since we moved. We're sleeping on our foam mattress on the floor, which my boyfriend thinks may have something to do with those last two and I'm really hoping he's right, but I won't know for sure until we get the box-spring up here, which, maybe this week? Bleh, I'm trying not to dwell on the stuff I can't control and just focus on what I can take care of.

For example, I've been going for hikes very consistently. I have to take a lot of breaks, but my head is dealing with the exercise very well. It's the lack of noise, of pollution and other people being creepy that's making it so much easier for me to move. In the city, leaving the house for a walk was much more stressful. I can relax out here. The dog and I pant our way up a hill, stop at the top and sniff the air triumphantly. It really does smell better up here.


Heather said...

Funny Halloween costumes! I always like the costumes that manage to tie in recent news stories.

I hope that over time your hikes and the fresh air will help your head, and if they don't, at least they're good for the soul. :)