Monday, August 8, 2011

I've Hit a Snag

I'm trying to go back to school. I'm severely disabled and can hardly leave the house, but I want to get an education, and hope to be able to support myself again someday. Until then, I'm resigned to asking for help.


I can take an online class this quarter through my old community college, and take that first step towards an AA, but I need $60 to register. I'm told all of my other costs will be covered by financial aid, but not the $60. I don't have $60.

In fact, we're low on food, behind in rent, and bills in general. We're drowning.

If you're so inclined, here's how you can help: There's a donate button on the right there. If you like my blog and can afford to sponsor a budding academic's first try in 13 years (hey, that's lucky!), feel free to throw me some monetary assistance. And there's no too-small donation, because if more than one person donates less than $60, there's a better than zero chance that the total will be $60. Which, again, is better than zero.

And if someone wants to donate more than $60, well then, I'm going to get me some medicine, treatment, food, and I may even pay some rent and finally have the freedom to move somewhere quieter and cheaper.

But most of all, I want to go to school. I've been feeling so powerless since I became disabled. I want to make myself better. If you can help, thanks.


Sue said...

So sorry times are so difficult for you Steph. Here's hoping that things pick up soon... :)

steph said...

Thank you!