Sunday, June 26, 2011

In My Defense, They're Both Green

So, we've been growing some pot plants in the bedroom bay window and it's been so exciting watching them grow! We staked them, determined sex, were thrilled to see them flower, and then there was the fateful moment when we realized that what we actually had were tomato plants. They grow up so fast. Sniff.

I've never grown pot before. It's legal where I live, with a prescription of course, and it seemed like a solid, money-saving idea. My boyfriend had some seeds to sprout, so we did. And they grew.

You already know the punchline, but it's still pretty funny how we took care of those tomato plants. We marveled over their growth, debated sex organ appearance (hey, we were both wrong!), set up a fluorescent light above them, worried about questionable neighborhood folk spotting them through the window, and joked about how we were now farmers and couldn't wait for the harvest.

When the first yellow flowers appeared, I was confused. No yellow flowers were mentioned anywhere in anything I'd read, except for one questionable page that said I might have a hermaphrodite on my hands. But, I've grown tomatoes before, and my gut recognized those flowers (and the leaves! I have no idea how I didn't recognize them earlier). But I left the final say up to my boyfriend and yesterday, he told me. They're tomatoes, steph, I'm sorry.

Aw. It's ok, boyfriend. I like tomatoes, too!

This morning, I moved them out to the porch, since we no longer have the probably irrational fear of someone breaking in and stealing our prized tomato plants. Sigh.


Jessica said...

I'm sorry...but this is freaking hilarious!!!

Sue said...

Sorry, but that's hilarious. It reminds me of my friend who went to her mother's grave in the spring one year and planted (she thought) some nice perennials.

She returned part way through the summer to find her mother's grave surrounded by delicious tomatoes! Her mom would have loved it - she was always trying to feed the whole neighbourhood.

Enjoy your harvest!