Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Working It Out

I got a treadmill and it is good. I started a mini-journal, to keep track of how often I use it and how my head and body respond to the introduction of regular exercise. About halfway through, I realized that it wasn't going exactly to plan, but I stuck with it, just to see how it would develop. Without further adieu, I present:

30 days of Having a Treadmill: How Many Days Do You Reckon I Actually Walked on the Thing?

Day 1: So stoked. Walked on lowest speed for 20 minutes.

Day 2: Used all my spoons on dishes and laundry. Sigh.

Day 3: Walked for ten minutes outside.

Day 4: No spoons. Paris Hilton says shopping is her cardio. It certainly was mine, today.

Day 5: Recuperating from day 4.

Day 6: Still recuperating. Too much pain to walk.

Day 7: Costco. No soul (spoons) left to walk.

Day 8: Twenty minutes! My head was displeased afterwards, though.

Day 9: No spoons. Used them all cleaning. Damn responsibility!

Day 10: Nope, not today. A birthday dinner requires me to save the spoons. *Hoards*

Day 11: Sigh. Recuperating from birthday dinner.

Day 12: 15 minute walk with the dog and the camera this morning! It was lovely.

Day 13: Spent the morning cleaning. And the rest of the day horizontal. No walking.

Day 14: Another 15 minute walk outside! Overcast mornings in the summer are such a rare treat.

Day 15: Excessive cleaning yesterday combined with the possibility of little brother bonding is rendering me a sedentary steph. Poor treadmill. It looks sad.

Day 16: Baking half the night has sent me horizontal.

Day 17: 30 minutes on low! Baby steps are still steps.

Day 18: Didn't happen.

Day 19: 30 minutes.

Day 20: Walked on the beach. Beats the treadmill any day.

Day 21: Nope.

Day 22: Still a bad head day.

Day 23: No.

Day 24: Nuh-uh.

Day 25: Don't think so.

Day 26: Having a bad stretch, here, aren't I?

Day 27: 35 minutes! Only stopped when my head started.

Day 28: Walking on the beach.

Day 29: Cooking and cleaning. No walking.

Day 30: 30 minutes, using higher speeds and incline, even! And then my head said stop.

So, in 30 days, I have used my treadmill and grand total of.... six times! Which sounds sad and terrible, but that is six times I've been able to be active when I otherwise would have been stuck inside, on the couch, sulking. Which is a 600% improvement, right?

This makes me happy.


WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

Improvement too, from the lowest slowest speed to higher speed and an incline!! Woo Hoo!!!