Saturday, January 31, 2015

Catching a Pee Break

I'm officially experimenting with IC trigger foods! With success!

I'm a little afraid that by writing this post I'll be jinxing myself, but in the past week I've eaten moderate amounts of soy, chili powder, cinnamon, and tart apples and over the next week, if all continues to go well, I plan to try more soy, more spices, and eventually onion and citrus. I am really excited by the idea of being able to have lemon in my tea again.

I really thought that flare would never end. It lasted over six months, and I felt every moment. I'm really trying to temper my hope because I may not be able to have certain foods ever again, and I've got to be prepared for surprise symptoms. Even if every ingredient comes back clear, I'm going to be really wary of acidic and spicy foods for a long time, and will only very, very gradually increase them in my diet. I don't plan to ever drink alcohol again, for both migraine and IC reasons, but caffeine I may consider adding back as a very rare rescue head-med.

I had to pee in the middle of writing this and I expected to feel pain. It's just been going too good. I can't imagine if my migraines ever went away, would I still be psychologically driven to run from light and noise, after so many years of them being intolerable? Nah, I'd go to every outdoor music festival I could, who am I kidding?

And so it will be with the IC. I might just eat salsa again, with some luck and bravery.