Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Filling the Jug

I'm feeling better, for the moment, and I am taking care of a few medical things from the never-ending list of medical things I have to do.

The most interesting of these is a urine histamine test, because it requires me peeing into a jug for 24 hours. It's a large jug, but I'm trying to ignore the fear that I'll fill it up by noon. What do I do then? Start filling jars? What if I run out of room in the fridge? Will the neighbors mind if I ask to store some of my pee until tomorrow? I was half-convinced my fears were irrational until I started filling the jug and it's already a quarter way up at 10:15.

I'll be fine, I have jars.

I'm also getting a lipid panel, so I have to fast for 9-12 hours beforehand. I get emotional when I'm hungry, and needles are not my favorite, so it could be a scene.

The mornings have finally turned cold in the redwoods, and I sense that my walks will start getting longer and longer. I was frustrated with my progress over the summer, I exercised more than I thought I'd be able to, but I didn't increase my time, my stamina, or my strength, and I couldn't help but feel discouraged by that, even though it was for perfectly good reasons, like I was coughing up my spleen for a month, and before that I could barely walk from the IC pain, and before that it was all explosive heat migraines, all the time. I was finally able to get back out on the mountain last week, and my struggle was real. Breathing hard, stressing my head, and taking rests felt like a step backwards, but three days in and I'm already starting to bounce back. I took our hill like a champ this morning, despite having interrupted sleep and a waning IC flare. Yay!