Thursday, August 8, 2013

Yes, We Cannabis!

Sanjay Gupta came out adamantly against marijuana legalization in any form in 2009. In a segment with Piers Morgan last night, Dr. Gupta completely changed his position, and expressed support for use by patients, stating that "sometimes marijuana is the only thing that works."

(In case there are any embedding issues, here's the link:

This is just a short segment, twelve minutes of empathy and information from Dr. Gupta and Piers, interrupted occasionally by some truly illogical anti-marijuana arguments from a suspiciously crackpotty naysayer. Can they not find someone legit who doesn't like pot anymore? I don't normally watch Piers Morgan, though, maybe that's just his format.

Anyway, Dr. Gupta is airing a documentary on CNN this Sunday, August 11th, called Weed, and I know I'll be watching.

Marijuana is the only thing that helps my head. Painkillers, migraine abortives and preventatives only made me sicker, if they did anything at all. Marijuana eases the pain, the nausea, the irritability, and exhaustion of migraines, it dulls the outside stimulus that can cause me so much pain, and relaxes the tense muscles that can exacerbate a mild irritant into one that flattens me for a week. I smoke pot so I can do the dishes, walk my dogs, do some laundry, do homework, or participate in life in any meaningful way. The stereotype of a pot smoker is someone who lays on the couch watching TV, eats incessantly, and never gets anything done. That's me without pot. Migraines render me useless and inert. Marijuana enables me to get up and have a life.

It's nice to have the outside world validate my experiences.


Mamie said...

Well although my Neurologist cannot prescribe Marijuana to me, he sure tells me if I can get some...try it out b/c it helps! I agree with you about the whole "misconception" of pot usage. Hey, if it helps you out with the pain, nausea, etc...."F" what everyone else thinks. In having ongoing issues for the past 13 years with chronic headaches, I have become very bitter and blunt in Life.

I posted on another blog that people just run out of things to say and just cannot understand how one suffers daily with no relief. Like you and many others out there....I feel WE are burnt out ourselves on trying to explain to others "yes, I suffer daily and trust me, I have tried EVERYTHING!"

Every once in awhile I have someone say the stupidest thing to me...."Man, the other day I had a horrible headache and I thought about you.....geez, I would shoot myself if I suffered daily with headaches!" I just sigh, shake my head and think...."Yes there is no cure for ignorance in this World!"