Monday, April 1, 2013


School school schoolschool school schoolschool school. This is what conversations are like with me lately.

Last quarter was successful, despite a somewhat clueless teacher and some lacking curriculum. I got an A, and I've chosen both an educational path and a potential future career. I worked my hiney off to get those results, but I don't mind; school has reminded me that the harder the work, the sweeter the result.

This coming quarter is looking to be challenging and spectacular. When I checked out the online syllabus, I saw that there is required video content in my upcoming course. I emailed the teacher and he confirmed that there are no captions currently available.

Then, he said that he supposed it was time that he added them.

I plotzed, you guys. I wrote him back a totally barfy email of joy, and I'm so excited to take this class with a teacher who is willing, nay, eager to accommodate. Plus, this is a real English research and composition type of course, and I'm so ready to start improving my writing, I can't wait to get some feedback from my first real English teacher in years. (Not counting the poetry teacher because she didn't really grade or critique writing style or skill, she just commented on our grasp of the content.)

So, then he apparently contacted the disability people, because they emailed me, making noises like they're actually going to be on top of their business this quarter and will be hooking me up with some sweet captioned content. I'm even getting my book voucher early enough to beat the crowds! Compared to past registration experiences, this is like a dream of a dream come true. It's just disappointing that my first easy start of a new quarter coincides with the decision to leave this school. Boo.

And, the search for a new school continues to be a tedious one. I've had limited success making contact with people via email, and that's been frustrating. I do have a tentative plan in place, but I'm trying to keep my options open, because if I know anything right now, it's that I know NOTHING about academia. Oh school, why you so hard?