Sunday, September 2, 2012


Despite being disabled and not having any prospects of employment outside the home, I try my hardest to be productive, and even make a little money, where I can.

For the past few years, I've been filling out surveys online, I wrote up a review about the companies I was using back in 2010, but times they've a-changed.

Lately, the survey sites I frequent are Global Test Market, Pinecone, My View, My Survey, i-say, and a few others that so infrequently pay me anything that they aren't worth mentioning. Even the ones that do pay out regularly seem to take forever to build up any cash lately, because I'm a terrible consumer, with my DIY and cooking from scratch and buying everything used. It's my own fault, and I'm ashamed.

Haha, no! Not really! But, I do miss that income, so I decided to try out two new website-income type sites, Swag Bucks and Amazon Mechanical Turk.

Swag Bucks paid me $35 in Amazon bucks for the month I used it. I installed their toolbar, used their search engine, completed tasks, signed up for stuff and took surveys, but I also quadrupled my spam influx and often spent an hour a day on the site to get that income. It wasn't a good fit for me, in the end, so I cashed out as soon as I could and closed down my account.

Amazon Mechanical Turk, however, is my new favorite thing. It's basically a database of surveys and clerical tasks that can be completed relatively quickly for various dollar amounts. In my first month, I made over a hundred dollars and expect to make about fifty a month in the future. I'm sticking with this one, and look forward to a little extra christmas money.

Update: I only used the Amazon Mechanical Turk account regularly for a few months, then abandoned it because it was too much screening effort on my part. There is money to be made there, but my migrainy brain can't handle such a large amount of varied information without blowing up, so it wasn't profitable at all in the long term.

Does anyone else make money online? Save for gigs that require a webcam or talking on the phone, I'm always looking for new possibilities!