Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Let Me Sum Up

Hello. I'm currently submerged in writing a paper, so all I can manage for a blog post is a weird list of topics that I don't have time to elaborate on at the moment.

1. My head.

My stamina is continuing to improve, and even when things got markedly worse one day, I recuperated in record time. However, every trip to the city or prolonged conversation with a neighbor reminds me that I am not a well person. But I'm getting better.

2. School.

Is almost over. I've been working at top speed to get this final paper done on time, and am mostly neglecting everything else, like my boyfriend, my dog, the dishes and this blog. (Hello!)

I, again, can't afford to pay the fees to attend next quarter. I'd ask for help again, but I'm just not sure of myself or the situation right now. We've lost power a few times already and we've only lived here two months. We have a generator now, but when the power goes down, so does the internet. Can I commit to a class when I'm fairly certain I'll be an unreliable student?

Also, this quarter was HARD. Well, no, most of it was fine, but writing big-ass research papers is not on my list of skills, and I discovered that when I've got a migraine, there is absolutely no way around it. I need to get a better support system in place and I need to figure out how to more adeptly navigate the school system while disabled. I know I love school, and I know there's a way for me to do this.

3. Christmas

I've finished my shopping, but not my wrapping. I'm not even thinking about it until after my final assignments are turned in, on Saturday. But it looks like we'll be doing some kind of present/meal thing with my parents and then the usual huge dinner shebang at my uncle's house on Christmas Day, with a white elephant exchange. I expect it to be loud, bright, perfumed, and really high stimulus, so hopefully I survive. I wrote a pretty awesome breakdown of my holiday prep last year, so check that out if you're needing some holiday-migraine strategies.

And that's all I've got. Wish me luck with my paper, I've got to get back to it.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with your paper! I have confidence in you. :)

Jessica said...

Well congrats on finishing this quarter! One step at a time baby!!!!

High stimulus Christmas...all the reason to super pre medicate! I know I will be! =)-

Migrainista said...

Good luck to you as you finish up your semester and with making plans for the next. You should be so proud of yourself for all you have accomplished!

Sue said...

Thinking of you as you finish things up at school for this session. Migrainista is right - you have much to be proud of in all the hard work you've done so far!

Be sure to take care of yourself through the holidays too.