Sunday, August 29, 2010


The heat has been beating me down, hard, and getting out of the house has not been a priority. But this morning I awoke with the desire to walk half a mile to the farmer's market, even though I knew I'd be going to my parents' house for dinner later. Most of the time when I do this, it ends badly. Going out in the heat, in the sun, subjecting myself to noises and smells and then carrying several pounds of produce home would very likely trigger a migraine. And having already committed to a reliably exhausting social activity, well, I was practically guaranteeing it. But such is my life and I won't let fear rule me. So there.

So I woke, I wrangled my man and dog, I sunscreened up, packed my bag and headed out. I stopped twice to drink water and took my time, walking as slowly as I felt necessary. Which was actually a decent speed, thanks to some training on the treadmill, yay me! I arrived at the market and slowly assessed my options, not letting myself get overwhelmed by the choices or the people. Once I had successfully purchased my produce we walked back home. A slightly slower clip, a few more water breaks and a pee break for the dog made the walk back seem endless, especially under the weight of the the summer sun. I caught myself wilting and remembered my umbrella. I walked the rest of the way home smugly under shade of my own manufacture. Again, yay me.

Got home and recharged only briefly before heading over to my parents' house for some socializing and dinner. A visit to their house is never a passive for me. Besides the normal talking and eating, which is draining in its own right, I cut my (step)dad's hair, straighten my mom's, then help her pick out outfits for the next week or two, including shoes and jewelry. It can be taxing, but it's nice to be able to do things for other people, and to feel needed. After I finished my chores (heh) I accepted payment in the form of an amazing dinner. My dad is a SERIOUS COOK. Tonight he made seafood paella on the grill. It was pretty phenomenal and a wonderful ending to this fantastic day. Oh. And then there were cannolis that were so good I'm pretty sure eating them counts as sex.

Then I came home. We talked and laughed about this great day we had, the first in so long. I did some stretches in a hot shower and made myself some mint chamomile tea. It's a beautiful life, I remember.

I really needed this day. This wonderful, charmed day that was not without pain but was totally without negativity. I am so happy right now.


Maya said...

"I'm pretty sure eating them counts as sex." hahaha amazing

I'm so happy for you! I know how much a full day of goodness can mean when you're usually feeling so bad. I had my first in so long this weekend as well. I hope it keeps up - you deserve it!!

ps: I tried to post this twice, hope you don't get multiple posts

Migrainista said...

Food is one of those things that can really create wonders of all sorts. I'm happy for you!

Anonymous said...

Oooo, good story. I love stories that start out with the possibility of a bad ending, but then don't go there. That is an awful lot to accomplish in one day, and I'm glad it didn't turn out badly.

steph said...

Thanks, ladies!

Jessica said...

Sounds like a fantastic day! Im jealous you have a farmer's market you can walk to!!! And...I pretty much think any sweet treat counts as sex! At least in my book! =)