Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hooray for GA! And Boyfriends! And Naps!

Good news! We spent the morning at our local General Assistance office (GA) and left with an debit card worth a couple hundred in food. Look out, produce section! Mama's comin' home!

Actually, minor correction. I sat in the car and reread The Kitchen God's Wife by Amy Tan while my man dealt with the masses of paperwork and the masses of masses all crammed in a DMVish waiting room with the loudspeaker blaring automated numbers and fluorescent lighting glaring supreme pain and punishment. It's really not a happy place. I am so lucky to have my boyfriend, and I've thanked him about thirty times, because we were there for four hours, though I was in and out in about ten, which were miserable enough, thankyouverymuch. Once I was fingerprinted and photographed (yeah, that'll be a pretty one) I scurried back to the car and comforted myself with more Amy Tan. I had a phase with her in high school and ever since, she's like hot cocoa for me. Her and Stephen King.


Again, let me reiterate to the internet at large at how grateful I am to have such an understanding, compassionate and self-sacrificing partner. Without him... I can't even imagine.

OH! But here's the annoying part, even though I stayed in the car, I still got hammered with triggers. The sun reflecting off of metal and windows, wafts of cigarette smoke, car alarms and motion sickness from the trip there and home have left me feeling strange, drugged and vaguely sick, stumbling over my words, losing my balance, and feeling generally disconnected. My instincts tell me a storm is coming. I haven't yet rebuilt from the last one. Dishes are dirty, laundry is still piling up. I got some done yesterday but today is a day not to push it, I think.

So I'll be here, watching Lost or finishing up that Amy Tan. Reading blogs and taking surveys.

Maybe a nap. Now there's an idea.

PS: I had to come back and edit this post to tell you all: the nap was awesome. I know you would have worried.


WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

Yeah! Wish there was a way to shut out the world when you have to travel. Glad boyfriend was there to help!