Thursday, December 17, 2009


I was annoyed at Thanksgiving this year, so I had to get a little distance before I could write up the obligatory post. Here is what I am thankful for, a week before Christmas:

1. You. I write about all my head drama and you come here and read it and sometimes even comment and I appreciate it so much. I get shy sometimes trying to comment back. I know I'm weird.

2. My partner. For his friendship, his love, his help and his very presence.

3. Family, of course. I have a large, local extended family and they are all such interesting people, and so kind. I love them all so much.

4. Knowledge. Some days, input is the only way I stay sane.

5. Drugs. For the one that lessen my pain, the ones that "prevent" my pain, and the ones that keep my bowels moving when the pills have slammed them shut.

On the flip:

I am not thankful for people who wear gallons of perfume, then act like I'm being a jerk because I avoid them.

I am not thankful for others' expectations of me and what I "should" be capable of.

And, I am not thankful for the rapid approach of christmas. I have a feeling I'll be writing another rant about how things went crazy with my head and no one understood. I'm tired of that rant.


WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

I am also not prepared for the approach of Christmas, and the onslaught of scented candles burning and bayberry room sprays that my family loves....sigh. Just call me a little Grinchlet!

joana-infp said...

I felt the same initially - the first 2 weeks of December were just about the end of me re all the obligatory parties - that's a huge stress right there. I was spared (and spared myself) the scented candles and room sprays, but like you, I had considerable trouble with other people's colognes and perfumes. Not only can these cause migraines for me, they can provoke asthma attacks as well! Now it's New Year's Eve, and the next assault on the senses has already started - our local grocery already has EASTER CANDY and bunnies and tulips displayed!! OMG